Like Estonia and Latvia , the Lithuanians have a very rich culture which they treasure and preserve.
At the EFCO conference in Klaipeda we came to know the hospitality of the people and the local government officials and the goodwill of the corporate community of Lithuania. There are many fine music and dance groups, in primary and secondary schools and also in the Universities.

The EFCO representative is Vaidotas Gilys who was present at the Seminar and Meeting of The EFCO Supreme Council in Grevesmuhlen , Mecklenburg Germany 16-18 November 2001. Vaidotas gave an excellent presentation on the present situation of folk music and dance in Lithuania..

and he can be contacted at
“Varpo”vid. Mokykia

Budelkiemio str.7

LT-5814 Klaipeda,


Telephone ++370 6 32 0225 Tel/Fax ++370 6 32 44 68

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