The President of EFCO FRANCE is Claire Gattet. Claire is the daughter of Jo and Christiane Gattet who were founders members of EFCO and have worked extremely hard to promote the aims and objectives of EFCO.

EFCO France have a very hard working team and are one of the founder members of EFCO.  Claire Le Goff is also an important person on the EFCO team and has been a very active worker and  very warm and friendly at all EFCO meetings and events.

One of EFCO France’s main projects is the Musichoridanse Festival of Music ,Song and Dance

Claire Gattet has an excellent Dance group in the town of Tarare close to the city of Lyon. The group have performed at many EFCO European Events winning great acclaim from audiences for their artistic talent and also great friendship with EFCO members from other European countries for their warm and friendly personalities.

EFCO France have a very close relationship with EFCO Russia, they have had many youth cultural exchanges  and are working together on several cultural and traditional projects .

Claire Gattet. e.mail

Kristin Zimmerman is an excellent worker for EFCO France and is a very respected delegate with all EFCO members who attended the EFCO conferences in Berlin and Malmo where Kristin assisted with public relations, translations and administration organisation. EFCO members are very pleased to have such a very talented delegate as part of the EFCO team.

Kristin Zimmerman e.mail

We congratulate Jo Gattet on his recent 82nd  birthday and on behalf of all EFCO members we wish him many more years of good health and happiness

Jo continues as Vice President of EFCO and a member of the EFCO Presidium.

You can get more information on the EFCO France Home page

EFCO France has members from a wide variety of the arts and culture community including,Organisations, Choirs,Folk Music Song and Dance groups,

For more information about groups and events in France contact the French EFCO representative Claire Gattet. e.mail

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