Qualification for Membership

Membership is open to all European groups, federations and organisations active in the area of folk art and culture whose application for membership is accepted by the EFCO managing board of directors

How to make Application

New applications should be made to the EFCO National Committee in your member region. If no national committee exists in your region, application should be sent to the main EFCO – HEAD ADMINISTRATION OFFICE. The application will be presented with recommendations to the managing board of directors on the applicants behalf, at the next sitting of the board. After which the applicant will be informed of the decision as soon as possible.

Membership Fees

Membership Fees are the same for every country. Annual membership fees are due on the first day of January every year.

Annual membership fees should be paid to the EFCO national committee in your member region, which will forward the fees to the EFCO head office account. If no national committee exists in your region fees should be forwarded directly to the main EFCO bank account no.

EFCO Bank Account No.

Raiffeinenbank Rhein -Seig, Germany
Account no. 302 686 071
Routing code 370 695 20

Annual Membership Fees

Adult Group €75
Youth Group €40
Children’s Group €40
Institutes €75
Universities €75
Museums €75
Culture Houses €75
Art Centers €75
Schools €40
Federations* €75
Festivals/Exhibitions Children €40
Festivals/Exhibitions Adult €75
*The federation fee is seen as a membership fee and donation/contribution or gesture of good will towards the work of EFCO,it does not mean that all the members of the Federation are members.

Note: If there is a national committee a Federation has one vote. All democratic federations which provide cultural activities can be members. Individuals cannot be personal members. Each member has one vote. The managing board keeps a list of the names and addresses of all members.

Friends of EFCO

Adults Minimum €20
Children/Youth €10
Family Minimum €30