EFCO YOUTH – 50 ideas for Europe

Youth teams from Ireland, Poland, Hungary and Germany came together to take part in a ‘Youth for Europe’ project in Olpe, Germany.

some members of the discussion teams take a break for some fresh air

Staying in the youth hostel in the beautiful surroundings of Olpe, the groups worked together for 10 days discussing the  issues of Europe which they believed affected the young people of Europe.

The groups took part in a games night, cultural sightseeing, workshops looking at different areas of the various cultures and various mini projects which, joined with the discussion groups, aimed to produce the groups 50 ideas for the future of Europe.

Topics up for discussion included education, inclusion, community, risks to young people, work and the economy and how we see our traditions in our modern culture.

Irish participants enjoy some cultural sight seeing
EFCO youth presidents from Germany and Ireland
happy after a successful discussion group

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