EFCO Youth


EFCO Youth is the section of EFCO that focuses on Children and youth.

We aim to let projects be led by the interests of the young people and in that regard things are constantly progressing and changing. We focus on bringing young people together and to empower them to become leaders in our mission to share culture and connect with others and to encourage them to have a voice.

happy after a successful discussion group
happy after a successful discussion group


EFCO Director of Youth and Child development:

At the  EFCO meeting held in Velbert Germany September 2015, the EFCO Board of Directors unanimously elected Deirdre Whelan from Ireland as Director for youth and children with responsible for the development and promotion of activities. Deirdre has been an active member and youth leader with EFCO for almost 15 years. We are sure that Deirdre will receive help and cooperation from all our EFCO friends.

Deirdre Whelan Director of Youth and Child Development
Deirdre Whelan
Director of Youth and Child Development


‘ I am very excited at this new and challenging role for EFCO and feel very honored that the board has faith in me to take it on. In my day to day role as a play therapist I am constantly focused on children’s health, well being and development and I love that I can now focus this into my love of folk culture and the great work EFCO does. I of course can’t lead the development on my own and I look forward to working with the EFCO Youth members in our member countries and the EFCO board of directors to make this an exciting and progressive time for EFCO Youth. If EFCO’s moto is ‘we’re not preserving the ashes but keepign the flame alive’ then in my opinion EFCO Youth members are the sparks that leap from the fire and into the night  ‘ – Deirdre Whelan






EFCO Youth Team Members

EFCO Youth Germany

Christine Schillings
Christine Schillings


EFCO Youth Germany President : Christine Schillings

Christine has taken part in many International Folk Festivals with her family and the group ‘The Sounding Windrose’ and in recent years has led discussion groups and the organisational aspects of EFCO Youth exchanges and projects. Although she is busy studying Christine is quick to respond and take action for EFCO Youth and would be happy to hear from EFCO youth members who would love to get involved.