Information on Romanian members


conductor- Professor Ioan Oarcea

Astra have travelled and performed in many parts of Europe

Professor Ioan Oarcea is also President of The Association of Choirs in Romania

contact information:
Sarmizegetusa .5bl43sc.B.ap28
2200 Brasov

Tel/fax : 00 40 68 313325


The Folk organisation  belongs to the High School and come from the town of Victoria. They are an organisation carries out a lot of research projects into traditional customs and have a very fine archive of Video tapes, displays of traditional objects and costumes from the local area. They have attented the International Symposium for Traditional Culture and were awarded the first prize.

Group leader- Liliana Cojocaru

Contact information:

Cojocaru Liliana

Codlea,2252 Brasov

Str.Freziei bl.36,sc.A,ap.5

Telephone ++ 068-252514

Fax 0040-0484774061



Children’s Folk Dance Group  founded in 1996. The group is made up of children from the 4th and 5th classes.The group have performed at many festivals.

Group Teacher- Mrs Liliana Cojocaru

You can contact the group by e.mail at the following address

Telephone 0040068252514

Fax 0040 068474061

Prof. Benon Pepine
Prof. Palatul Copiilor Brasov
Brasov Str.
Visinului Nr.2
Bl/Al Sc. B Ap. 13
tel: 068332911

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