German Group Sounding Windrose appoint new leader.

One of EFCO’S Greatest support groups the Sounding Windrose have made some very .important changes to their organisation.

Group founder and leader Barbara Schoch has retired as leader and will act as President of the Group.

The new leader of the group is Andrea’s Schillings who has been a member of the group since he was a child. He is the son of one of Germany’s best known folk dance teachers and folklore organizers Bernt Schillings who sadly died some years ago, Andreas mother is Anne Schillings who has spent a life time developing and promoting folk dance, she is founder of the Dusseldorf folk-dance  Group  Bunker Bears.

All EFCO members wish Andreas every success in hisnew  position as leader of the Sounding Windrose.

The group made a trip to Hungary which was very successful with Andreas as leader.